Navigating Today’s Data Privacy Regulation Labyrinth

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Companies are struggling with risk management challenges posed by a complex and rapidly evolving set of data privacy regulations and compliance requirements. This panel will provide a practical, policy-focused assessment of key regulatory developments in the US and abroad and their potential effects on data collection and use, cyberthreat management, and security technology innovation.

Learning Objectives:
1: Examine the latest domestic and international data privacy laws, regulations and legal decisions.
2: Discuss effects on the public/private sectors, policy, competition, innovation and risk management.
3: Obtain guidance on integrating privacy and security focus into product and services development.

Greg Silberman

Chief Privacy Officer, Blackberry Cylance

Ruby Zefo

Chief Privacy Officer, Uber

Theresa Payton

CEO and President, Fortalice Solutions LLC


legislation law government regulations governance risk & compliance GDPR



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