Public Key Algorithms

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Public key schemes with receiver selective-opening security and revocable identity-based encryption are discussed. Topic 1: Constructions Secure against Receiver Selective Opening and Chosen Ciphertext Attacks Authors: Dingding Jia, Xianhui Lu and Bao Li Topic 2: New Revocable IBE in Prime-Order Groups: Adaptively Secure, Decryption Key Exposure Resistant, and with Short Public Parameters Authors: Yohei Watanabe, Keita Emura and Jae Hong Seo

Dingding Jia

Assistant Research Fellow, Institute of Information Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IIE, CAS)

Yohei Watanabe

JSPS Research Fellow (PD), The University of Electro-Communications

Protecting Data & Applied Crypto




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