RSAC Innovation Sandbox Win Spurs Rapid Growth at UnifyID

Posted on by Grace Chng

Last year, RSA Conference (RSAC) named its first unanimous Innovation Sandbox winner in its 12-year competition history, UnifyID, as RSAC 2017’s most innovative startup. Innovation Sandbox is the premiere security startup showcase of newcomers excited to share the very best and newest advancements in the field of cybersecurity. 

Popularized by a who’s who of security experts and investors, the Innovation Sandbox judging panel selects one winner live in an audience well-attended by executive leaders and industry veterans alike. 

“Innovation Sandbox has been a game-changer for UnifyID, said CEO and Founder of UnifyID, John Whaley one-year after their win. “Shortly after our win, more than 100 blue chip companies have approached us in starting a pilot and no less than a dozen daily inbound requests have come in thereafter. The influence of RSAC is real and the impact can be quite powerful.” 

By demonstrating how a person’s unique motions like walking could be harnessed for identification, UnifyID pushed the envelope of what security means in this new digital era. Its mission to build a revolutionary identity platform based on implicit authentication for seamless security resonated with the audience and judges who deemed: there is only one unique you in the world. 

Kurt Somerville, Founder and COO noted, “Inbound lead generation was exponential after RSAC, and the need is clear from large enterprise companies who have a substantial customer-base: it is critical to shed light on this area of security that emphasizes usability while preserving user-privacy.” 

While there have been a number of acquisitions in the space, UnifyID remains committed to leading implicit authentication efforts independently across industries and growing research and development for passive biometric authentication. 

According to Dr. Whaley, “We’ve seen strong demand in banking use cases from mobile apps to in-person financial center and ATM experiences. Similarly, retail and automotive use cases which improve customer interaction at a brick-and-mortar store or near a personal vehicle have been hot areas of interest with our technology. We also see a pickup in fitness and gaming applications where detecting human motion and activities prove a strong differentiator in user experience and protecting against fraud.” 

Innovation Sandbox will continue to be at the forefront of emerging security technology and attendees will have a special front-row seat to watching the future unfold in front of their eyes. Security is as important a topic as ever and its accelerating pace to everyday conversation speaks volumes as to why now matters more than ever.


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