Security ENABLES Velocity in the Cloud

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Mar. 15, 2024 | Security ENABLES Velocity in the Cloud

As technology teams continue to accelerate and evolve, so do the quantity and sophistication of security threats. It's easy to emphasize the importance of security and suggest that teams need to prioritize it, but doing so becomes an extensive change management exercise. How can we rise to the challenge without slowing the delivery velocity of applications to the cloud? This talk will dive into behavioral and DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) research, with recommendations that include:

  1. Why is there so much conflict related to improving security in an organization?
  2. How can you measure software delivery and operations performance?
  3. A secure development lifecycle is both essential and drives organizational performance.
  4. The essential elements necessary to transform a product and cloud security program.
  5. Healthier, collaborative cultures have a head start on implementing a mature security program.


Google Cloud Security

This webcast is sponsored by Google Cloud Security. Make Google part of your security team with Mandiant frontline experts, threat intelligence-driven security operations, and cloud security—supercharged by AI.

Michele Chubirka

Cloud Security Advocate, Google

Cloud Security

DevSecOps application security

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