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Reverse Engineer

Draper – CAMBRIDGE, MA, United States - Published On 2/21/17


Draper is seeking a Reverse Engineer to support current and future programs in the domain of Cybersecurity. The candidate will perform in-depth analysis of a wide variety of cyber systems including mobile devices, embedded systems, industrial control systems, infrastructure devices, weapons systems, and associated protocols. The candidate must have the ability to identify vulnerabilities in these systems for both defensive and offensive activities. The viability and potential impact of the findings will often require team members to develop proof-of-concept exploitations based on identified vulnerabilities.

Desired Skills:

* B.S. or M.S. in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or related discipline.
* Deep knowledge of computer science, computer security, and embedded systems.
* Strong knowledge of C, C++ and x86 and/or ARM assembly.
* Background in vulnerability analysis and exploitation.
* Development and vulnerability research experience on Windows, Linux, OSX and embedded systems.
* Dynamic and static reverse-engineering skills.
* Experienced with WinDBG, GDB, LLDB or IDA.

How to Apply

Visit, job id:7192

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