Cyber-criminals steal credit card data because it is quick and lucrative. They steal the Tracks 1 and 2 data stored on the card’s magnetic stripe, clone the card, and go shopping. No one is immune, as criminals go after merchants and businesses of all sizes and across all industries.

Given stealing credit card Track data is so profitable, it is only a matter of time before the criminals start developing new attack vectors. This talk covers the latest research in point-of-sale RAM scraper malware and includes: 

  • An exploration of twelve PoS RAM Scraper families discovered between 2011-2014 including BlackPOS, Dexter, and Backoff, identifying common functionality and new features
  • A list of non-memory scraping techniques and data exfiltration methods these malware families use
  • An explanation of how the criminal underground uses the stolen card data
  • An analysis of technologies and tactics defenders can use against PoS malware
  • A discussion on what security teams should do to find out if their networks are already infected

This type of cybercrime will not disappear anytime soon; instead criminals will develop new techniques because the opportunity to make easy money is present. Our best defense is to identify how credit card cybercrime will evolve and create policies & products to safeguard against those attacks.

Download the presentation deck

Download the Trend Micro white paper on PoS RAM Scraper Malware