Ira Winkler frequently tells stories about security incidents that are funny, because it appears to result from gross ignorance on the part of users. The word ignorance is not synonymous with stupid, but with "unknowing". There is a major difference. While stupidity implies a flaw on the part of the user, unknowing implies a flaw on the part of the people who are responsible for ensuring that the user knows the relevant concerns.

This presentation covers the concepts of how to ensure your users have a base level of knowledge, so that they can behave in a way that is not "ignorant". It covers case studies and the underlying learning principles that attendees can take away and consider implementing in their own environment. It will also cover recent research in what makes for successful security awareness programs.

Ira Winkler is one of the world's leading security professionals. He consults to some of the top companies in the world to help them identify their security vulnerabilities and improve their security programs.

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