The security community has traditionally focused on technology to secure technology, using frameworks such as NIST SP800-53, ISO 27001 and the Critical Controls. There is a growing need for a new framework to address the human element.

This talk covers the development of just such a framework; one that identifies the top human risks and the roadmap to mitigating them.

Spitzner is the Training Director at SANS Securing The Human program and has helped develop and implement numerous multi-cultural security awareness programs around the world. He invented and developed the concept of honeynets, is the author of several books, and has published over thirty security whitepapers. Mr. Spitzner started his security career with Sun Microsystems and is the founder of the Honeynet Project. Mr. Spitzner serves on the Distinguished Review Board for AFIT, Technical Review Board for CCIED, and the Information Assurance Curriculum Advisory Board at DePaul University. Before working in information security, Mr. Spitzner served as an armor officer in the Army's Rapid Deployment Force and earned his MBA from the University of Illinois-Chicago.

Message From Lance:

Thanks for your interest in the RSA Conference webcast “Mitigating the Top Human Risks”! If you are interested in the Security Awareness Roadmap displayed in my presentation, you can download it for free at: . If you are interested in deploying a security awareness program within your organization and would like to learn about SANS Securing the Human program, please visit this link and request a demo: Thanks, Lance Spitzner

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