Zurich Insurance Group

Accepted on organization's behalf: James Shira, Group CISO and Head of Technology Architecture, Zurich Insurance Group

This year's recipient, Zurich Insurance Group, is recognized for transforming their Global Security Operation, by establishing evidence based IT compliance assessment methodologies and strengthening their overall information security posture via a multi-year Data Security Initiative designed to move the company to a modernized information security capability. A Global Information Security Organization was reorganized and established as a centralized group responsible for the delivery of all information security capabilities. Several 'security hubs' have been created across Zurich locations to support this strategy. Zurich's leadership recognizes the importance of data security and has continued to make the appropriate investments in solutions as well as in this team by encouraging the achievement of security certifications by Zurich staff members. Currently Zurich's Information Security team has over 600 industry recognized security certifications. Zurich is also leveraging what's it's learned during this transformation journey to help better serve its customers around the globe as they make important decisions about how to protect themselves from risk.