At, we spend a fair bit of time researching what our readers have in mind for projects each year. When it comes to 2014, we can tell you what you (collectively) have in mind for new security tools and programs. But do you have a vision of what it means to radically “get it right” over the longer term? Even if you believe you don’t have a coherent vision of what security will look like ten years from now, but strong suspicion is that there are some elements you are pretty sure about. You don’t think we’ll still be scanning for viruses using static definition sets. You believe a lot more data, both at rest and in transit, will be encrypted. This includes encrypting email, even though it’s hard to do at present. You think developing software applications to be secure will be more important and make more of a difference. But is the industry actually investing *toward* these longer-term goals? This web presentation takes a look at these issues with an eye toward strategies for upping the alignment between today’s “fix-it-now” investments and our collective, far-horizon goals for security.

Download the presentation deck.