Freddy Dezeure, Head, CERT-EU
Tom Field, VP of Editorial, ISMG

Freddy Dezeure of CERT-EU on Responding to Targeted Attacks

The threats, attacks and crimes don't differ greatly around the world. What does differ is how each region responds. Freddy Dezeure of CERT-EU is working to ensure that Europe is ready to respond appropriately.

The organization is only three years old, but in that time it has worked aggressively to form new alliances throughout the European nations, Dezeure says. And he also works with other CERT organizations around the world to improve information-sharing and defenses.

In a video interview recorded at RSA Conference 2014, Dezeure discusses:

The CERT-EU mission and accomplishments;
The European threat landscape;
Top cybersecurity priorities for 2014.

Dezeure graduated as Master of Science in Engineering in 1982. He was CIO of a private company from 1982 until 1987. After joining the European Commission in 1987, he has held a variety of management functions in administrative, financial and operational areas, in particular in information technology. He has set up the CERT for the EU institutions, agencies and bodies in 2011 and he has been Head of CERT-EU since then.