Harry Raduege, Co-Chair, Cybersec Commission

Harry Raduege has been around government and IT security long enough to know that changes don't move anywhere near Internet speed.. During the RSA® Conference 2013, the Information Security Media Group video interviewed Mr. Raduege who said 2013 could be the year many of the recommendations made by the commission could be adopted in the form of comprehensive cybersecurity legislation that Congress had failed to enact during the president's first term. Raduege, a retired 3-star Air Force general who once headed the Defense Information Systems Agency, co-chaired the Commission on Cybersecurity for the 44th Presidency, a bipartisan, multi-sector group that presented then President-Elect Obama with a cybersecurity game plan for the incoming administration. More than four years later, some of its recommendations have been adopted, but many of them have yet to be adequately addressed.