In addition to the interactive hands-on experiences and demos, RSAC Wireless Village will host intimate talks on pressing issues in their space. These talks aim to provide RSAC attendees a chance to ask deeper questions or walk through some of the hands-on activities in the Wireless Village Sandbox.

Open to all badge types.

Agenda – Thursday, March 7, 2019:

9:30 AM | Radio Frequency Penetration Testing, What it is and How Does it Work?

10:00 AM | BlueTooth (BT) and BlueTooth Low Energy (BTLE) Security in Your Environment

10:45 AM | Cell Phone Security

1:15 PM | Passive Monitoring, From Security Walkie-Talkies to Alarm System Sensors, What Are You Leaking?

2:15 PM | Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Radios For Fun, DMR Repeaters, and Long Range Contact Across the Internet