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Is your cyber-intelligence program amazing? How do you compare to your industry peers? Be among the first to hear final results of a study on cyber-intelligence best practices, key challenges and technologies across the US. Learn how high-performing organizations conduct cyber-intelligence, and find out how to build AI/ML, IoT and public threat models into your cyber-intelligence program.

Learning Objectives:
1: Understand how well your peer organizations perform cyber-intelligence and factors for improvement.
2: Learn best practices for knowing your environment, data collection, analysis and reporting/feedback.
3: Learn how to incorporate AI/ML, IoT and threat frameworks into your cyber-intelligence program.

Attendees should be familiar with their organizations cyber-intelligence effort or worked specifically in a cyber-intelligence effort or program. Additionally, attendees should understand and/or have specific experience (between one to five years) with at least one of these concepts: cyber-intelligence, cyberthreat intelligence, intelligence analysis, threat prioritization, data gathering, data normalization, data validation, technical and strategic analysis and tools, structured analytical techniques, and leadership (CISO, CIO) engagement. Attendees should have basic knowledge about how machine learning works, IoT and public cyberthreat frameworks (Kill Chain, Diamond Model as examples).