Organizations have invested a tremendous amount of money and resources into securing technology, but little if anything into securing their employees and staff. As a result, people, not technology, have become their weakest link in cybersecurity. The most effective way to secure the human element is to establish a high-impact security awareness program that goes beyond just compliance and changes behaviors. This intense two-day course will teach you the key concepts and skills needed to build, maintain and measure just such a program. All course content is based on lessons learned from hundreds of security awareness programs from around the world. You will learn not only from your instructor, but from extensive interaction with your peers, as well. Please bring example materials from your security awareness program that you can show and share with other students during the course.

Finally, through a series of labs and exercises, you will develop your own custom security awareness plan that you can implement as soon as you return to your organization.

You Will Learn:
The Security Awareness Maturity Model and how to use it as the roadmap for your awareness program.
How to effectively engage and communicate within your organization.
How to identify and mitigate the top human risks to your organization.
How to sustain your security awareness program over the long term, including updating content and communication methods and, ultimately, changing your organization's culture.
How to measure the impact of your awareness program, track reduction in human risk, and communicate the value of such a program to management

Laptop not required