Cybersecurity is no longer just about technology it is ultimately about organizational change. Change in not only how people think about security but what they prioritize and how they act, from the Board of Directors on down. Change management is a well-known concept for organizational change, but until now has not been formalized for Cybersecurity. As a result of this course you will be able to leverage the principles of organizational change and develop, maintain and measure a security driven culture. In addition, through a series of interactive labs and exercises, you will apply these concepts to a variety of different large-scale security deployments. After this class you will be able to:
•Explain what culture is, how it applies to cybersecurity, and how to understand and measure your security culture
•Explain what organizational change is, identify different models for creating change and learn how to apply those models
•Align this change to your organization’s strategy, including how to leverage different security frameworks and maturity models.
•More effectively communicate to your Board and executives, collaborate with your peers and engage your workforce
•Enable and secure your workforce by integrating security into all aspects of your organizational culture
•Dramatically improve both time and impact of large-scale security deployments, to include exercises covering DevSecOps, Cloud, and EndPoint security.
•Leverage numerous templates and resources from the course Digital Download Package and Community Forum that you can build on 

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