Want to write better? Learn to hack the reader! Discover how to find an opening, break down your readers' defenses, and capture their attention to deliver your message--even if they're too busy or indifferent to others' writing. This unique course, built exclusively for cybersecurity professionals, will strengthen your writing skills and boost your security career.
Master the writing secrets that'll make you stand out in the eyes of your peers, colleagues, managers, and clients. Learn to communicate your insights, requests, and recommendations persuasively and professionally. Make your cybersecurity writing remarkable.
You will:
• Uncover the five "golden elements" of effective reports, briefings, emails, and other cybersecurity writing.
• Make these elements part of your arsenal through hands-on exercises that draw upon common security scenarios.
• Learn the key topics you need to address in security reports and other written communications.
• Understand how to pick the best words, structure, look, and tone.
• Begin improving your skills at once by spotting and fixing weaknesses in security samples.
• Receive practical checklists to ensure you'll write clearly and effectively right away.
If your cybersecurity job involves writing emails, reports, proposals, or other content, you'll find this course indispensable, whether you are:
• A manager or an individual team member
• A consultant or an internally-focused employee
• An expert or a beginner
• A defender or an attacker
• An earthling or an alien
• You get the idea--the course is for all cybersecurity professionals who want to improve their written communications and boost their careers.

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