In late 2016, the Mirai Botnet launched the largest DDoS attacks ever recorded. This is the untold story of the international investigation team racing to stop the attacks, what they learned, and what the future of DDoS botnets will look like. Presenters will discuss the risks inherent to IoT products and best practices for mitigation of these threats.

Learning Objectives:
1: Understand the competitive DDoS landscape that shapes threat development.
2: Understand the private/public investigative process and how to practice rapid collaboration.
3: Understand methods for mitigating the effect of DDoS attacks on your network.

Presenter will provide definitions of key terms, as well as use of graphics. Presentation will be paced to allow attendees of all knowledge levels to follow along. The information contained in this presentation isn't known outside of a very small group of advanced researchers, so it should be of interest to a wide group of attendees.