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The Internet of Things presents both a challenge and opportunity for identity management - a challenge because existing mechanisms for authentication & authorization must be extended and adapted for the particular constraints of devices (both legacy and new) and an opportunity because the devices that users more and more carry with them offer new abilities to enable a more seamless authentication experience for those users. Both of these aspects demand a consistent, cohesive and interoperable identity layer across IoT verticals, platforms, and protocols. Critically, we need an identity layer that acknowledges the full continuum of risk (and so appropriate security measures) that the IoT presents. Good security means knowing who entities (both device & user) are and what they should or should not be allowed to do. Good privacy requires that users will be able to control how their devices collect, store and share data. This talk will examine how existing & new tools (like OAuth, UMA, FIDO, and DLTs) may help meet these fundamental requirements for securing the IoT.