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ABA attorney-SMEs kick off the Law Track with an annual theme-setting panel on critical emerging legal issues. Aim is a practical, useable snapshot of recent developments in cyber-policy, -law and -litigation. For 2019, topics include elections as critical infrastructure, GDPR compliance and privacy shield, new foreign tech investment rules / CFIUS, and new NIST guidance on security and privacy and SCRM.

Learning Objectives:
1: Gain exposure to key cyber-policy/legal issues, including breaking cases.
2: Gain exposure to new concepts/vocabulary to be encountered elsewhere in RSAC Law Track.
3: Gather research tools and direction to gain further knowledge about emerging/evolving topics.

Familiarity with the US legal, policy and regulatory structures impacting national policy generally and ICT/cyber-policy specifically will improve attendees’ appreciation, but is not required to understand the presentations or adapt information to their business environment.