Welcome to the StoryCorps @ RSAC podcast series! Every month we'll be featuring a different conversation between cybersecurity professionals about their lives, the industry and the future of cybersecurity. 

This month's conversation features Joshua Corman and Marie Moe. Corman is the Director, Cyber Statecraft, at the Atlantic Council and founder of IamTheCalvary. Moe is a research scientist at SINTEF and member of IamTheCalvary. 

What does it mean to live in a world where your life could literally be on the line because of a software bug?

We talk a lot about critical infrastructure in the cybersecurity world, but Marie Moe lives in a world where her personal critical infrastructure—her heartbeat—is dependent on technology for survival. And because that technology is built by humans, sometimes things go wrong. 

Moe talked with Joshua Corman about how she decided to gather data about her personal critical infrastructure and the challenges she and others face to have control over the information upon which their lives depend. 

You can listen to their discussion here:

You can download a transcript of this podcast here: PDF Transcript: I Might Die Because of a Software Bug

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