Security Monitoring: Proven Methods for Incident Detection on Enterprise Networks is  a first-rate  tactical guide to help secure your enterprise network. 

Besides hardware, home security alarm companies also sell peace of mind, assuring clients that their homes are monitored 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week. Today’s corporate networks need similar monitoring systems to ensure the underlying security, confidentiality, and availability of the systems and data. Security Monitoring provides the reader a comprehensive overview of this important topic. 

The book emphasizes the need to monitor your network given the myriad security risks faced by organizations no matter what their size or their industry. The authors note that there are numerous challenges to monitoring, and the reader is also warned about vendor promises of how easily their monitoring software and hardware solutions will work. 

The book is worth purchasing just for Chapter 3: “Know Your Network.” The authors note that knowing your network is akin to understanding your military capabilities, both strengths and weaknesses, when preparing for an enemy attack. Anyone planning a security monitoring endeavor should take such advice to heart. 

This is not an introductory work on the subject; the reader should have an understanding of the topic before opening this text. For those looking for an across-the-board overview, Security Monitoring provides a very practical and real-world detailed perspective of how to create a security monitoring program that can deal with today’s exceedingly complex and sophisticated security threats.