RSA Conference is huge. There is no other way to describe it. The problem with the size is that it’s impossible to catch everything at the show. The thing is, there is no reason why you should. Focus on areas you are interested in, and think about what kind of information you want to learn about.Look up sessions at RSAC

We pulled together curated lists from around the industry highlighting specific sessions that attendees should check out.

If you are interested in Internet of Things, check out the roundup by I Am The Cavalry. Visiting Sandbox for Open Garages should be high on your list if you are interested in automotive security.

If you are in the financial services industry, BankInfoSecurity has a really nice write-up of what banking/security leaders are thinking about at RSA Conference. Attack attribution and information sharing are playing more prominent roles for banks and credit unions and will be key discussion points at RSAC this year, writes BankInfoSecurity’s Tracy Kitten.

GovInfoSecurity’s Eric Chabrow picked 10 key government-tied presentations and panels. His list includes I’m in Control Here, a panel with former leaders from the departments of Defense and Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, as well as the Using the Cybersecurity Framework panel with David Simpson of the Federal Communications Commission, Steve Whitlock of Boeing, Time Casey of Intel and Donna Dodson, and NIST's chief cybersecurity adviser., and a panel including

Information Security Media Group’s Matthew Schwartz also has his own list of sessions to watch, which includes Secretary Jeh Johnson’s keynote on Tuesday and a session looking at the privacy and security issues surrounding drones.

ZDNet’s list encompasses different themes, and would help attendees with a broad range of interests.

There is something for everyone at RSA Conference. Here is to finding more than one "A-ha" moment this week.