When the Yankee Doodle virus first appeared in 1989, all it could do was play the song of the same name.  It was annoying, not in the least bit stealthy and begged to be identified.

Jump to current times and the song has not remained the same. Today's attacks are extremely stealthy and equally nefarious.  The notion of advanced persistent threats (APT) is such that nation states target a specific entity.  Every organization of significant size today needs to be extremely concerned about APT. without a plan of action in which to deal with these threats, the result is no song.

Just got a copy of Reverse Deception Organized Cyber Threat Counter-Exploitation, in which an all-star cast of authors detail how to identify these threats and create a methodology to deal with the various types of APT.

This looks to be an incredibly fascinating and important book.

Full review to follow.