Today’s handheld device is the mainframe of years past. 

The raw computing power and stored memory found in a BlackBerry, iPhone, digital camera or GPS dwarfs that of computers from years ago.

With billions of such devices in use, it is imperative systems administrator, forensics investigators and others know how to ensure that the information contained in them, can be legally preserved if needed.

In Digital Forensics for Handheld Devices, author Eamon Doherty provides an invaluable resource on how one can obtain data, examine it and prepare it as evidence for court.   One of the reasons many computer crime cases fail to be prosecuted is that the evidence was not properly handled and could therefore not be admitted into court.

The need for effective chain of custody and other issues to preserve digital evidence are comprehensively detailed in this excellent reference. 

Doherty is the cybercrime training lab director at Fairleigh Dickinson University.  Far from being purely an academic work, Digital Forensics for Handheld Devices is a highly tactical guide that is sure to be an important reference on the topic.

Full review to follow.