Every year RSA Conference looks to make an impact not only on the security industry, but on the day-to-day operations of our attendees and also their personal lives. This can only happen if the conference can provide compelling content that drives innovative thoughts that leaves you networking and asking questions of your peers, colleagues and friends while onsite.

RSA Conference offers security professionals something they may not always have in the workplace, a sanctuary to speak with like-minded individuals who want to debate the issues, advance technology/services and stop tomorrow’s threats before they happen. Each conference we look forward to the buzzing in the hallways, the discussions in the keynote areas, the camaraderie at the various parties and the sharing of information across social networks.

Our conference team’s mission is to be the leader in delivering engaging experiences that empower people, to enhance their profession, to protect their organizations. When we hear about people over-coming obstacles, getting answers to questions that others won’t ask and finding out how to do the right thing for their teams, we know our impact goes beyond just taking notes in your conference guide. It helps drive the industry and your profession.

-Alex Bender, GM, RSA Conference