Masha Sedova

Co-founder, Elevate Security

Masha Sedova is an industry-recognized people-security expert, speaker and trainer focused on engaging people to be key elements of secure organizations. She is the co-founder of Elevate Security delivering the first human-centric security platform that leverages behavioral science to transform employees into security superhumans. Before Elevate, Masha Sedova was a security executive at Salesforce where she built and led the security engagement team focused on improving the security mindset of employees, partners, and customers. In addition, Masha has been a member of the Board of Directors for the National Cyber Security Alliance and a regular presenter at conferences such as Blackhat, RSA, ISSA, Enigma, and SANS.

  1. Cybersafety

    Britta Glade, Masha Sedova, Troy Hunt and Dr Hugh Thompson