Submissions Process

Your submission passes through the following steps during the selection process:

  • Program Committee Selection – Speakers and sessions are selected by the RSA Conference Program Committee, an independent panel of judges from the enterprise, government, academic and vendor community.
  • Submitter and Speaker Notification – All submitters and proposed participants were notified via email mid-November 2016 on the status of their submission.

Online Steps for Submitting a Speaking Proposal

Step 1: Username and Password
You will be asked to create a new username and password. Previous login information is not recognized.

Step 2: Submitter Identification
You (the submitter) need to provide your contact information.

Step 3: Session Information
Provide session details as requested. Detailed definitions and instructions can be found in our Tips for Submission.

Step 4: Speaker Information
Note – if you are the submitter and the speaker or moderator you will need to supply additional information in this section beyond what you provided in the Submitter section. You will need to complete this section for co-speakers, moderators and all panelists.

Step 5: Session Information Review
Review and edit all information which you’re submitting for both the presentation and the proposed speaker.

Step 6: Session Submission Complete
You can print your submission, submit your session proposal, submit another presentation, or exit.

The online submission process times out after 60 minutes. We recommend that you frequently save your submission. You can retrieve your submission and complete it at any time by logging back into the system.

We strongly recommend that you first review our Tips for Submission before developing your session proposal.

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