The Viewing Point at Gateway

The Viewing Point, located in the Gateway Ballroom in Moscone South, will host a variety of exciting activities this year. Check out the schedules below for events happening in The Viewing Point.


RSAC 2017 Innovation Sandbox Contest

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8:10 AM Keynote Remote Viewing: Planning for Chaos
8:35 AM Keynote Remote Viewing: Brad Smith, President and Chief Legal Officer, Microsoft
9:00 AM Keynote Remote Viewing: Sweating the Small Stuff on a Global Scale, Christopher D. Young
9:20 AM Keynote Remote Viewing: The Cryptographers' Panel
10:05 AM Keynote Remote Viewing: The War in Cyberspace: Why We Are Losing--and How to Fight Back 
12:00 PM Forum: Threats and Opportunities—States Confront the Cyber-Challenge


10:30 AM Keynote Remote Viewing: The Seven Most Dangerous New Attack Techniques, and What's Coming Next
11:20 AM Keynote Remote Viewing: The Coming Disruption in Security
11:40 AM Keynote Remote Viewing: Delivering Effective Security Outcomes
2:45 PM  RSAC Security Scholar Poster Exhibition
4:00 PM Keynote Remote Viewing: Radical Innovation: Revolutionizing the Future of Cybersecurity
4:20 PM Keynote Remote Viewing: The Great A.I. Awakening: A Conversation with Eric Schmidt


10:30 AM Keynote Remote Viewing: Topics of Leadership and Teamwork with Dame Stella Rimington 
11:20 AM Keynote Remote Viewing: Data Futures: Protecting the Changing Value of Data
12:30 PM Forum: Modern Policymaking in a Hyper-Connected World
4:00 PM Keynote Remote Viewing: Protecting People and Content from Threats Already on the Inside
4:20 PM Keynote Remote Viewing: An Astrophysicist Reads the Newspaper: Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson Explores Our World

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