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RSAC TV presentations are thought provoking, immersive and engaging presentations. RSAC TV will also host interviews with speakers and industry luminaries. These are the kind of quick, focused videos that people want to pass along to friends and peers.


Monday February 13 08:40 AM TV-M3 Skybox Security CBS Interactive Interivew  
Monday February 13 09:00 AM TV-M4 Marcus Sachs, SVP and CSO, North American Electric Reliability Corporation NERC: A Comprehensive Approach to Managing Grid Security Risks NERC’s comprehensive framework for mitigating potential cyber and physical security risks facing the grid in North America includes the only mandatory, enforceable standards for critical infrastructure protection. NERC is on the fifth version of its CIP standards for cyber security. NERC built on its CIP standards foundation with the key programs and activities of its Electricity Information Sharing and Analysis Center.
Monday February 13 09:20 AM TV-M5 Mischel Kwon, Founder, MKACyber RSAC TV: Mischel Kwon Interview  
Monday February 13 09:40 AM TV-M6 Jennifer Minella, VP of Engineering and Security, Carolina Advanced Digital, Inc. RSAC TV: Jennifer Minella Interview  
Monday February 13 10:20 AM TV-M7 Kerry Matre, Sr. Manager, Enterprise Security, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Security for Real People: A Case Study Kerry Matre set out to explain our world of risks, threats and vulnerabilities to a roofing company. Yes, roofers. Real people with real security problems. Kerry will discuss her attacker-persona-based approach to having non-security folks truly understand security and risk. Plus, learn the surprising reaction of the roofers and the impact of security awareness on their employees/business.
Monday February 13 10:40 AM TV-M8 Chris Vickery, Lead Security Researcher, MacKeeper How to Break the Internet Security researcher Chris Vickery has broken data exposures that range in scope from a few hundred affected to nearly 200 million. He looks for any exposure point that could be infiltrated and expose sensitive PII. Vickery will share the types of issues he sees and present a case study of one of his latest breach findings. He will also unveil some of his latest, never-seen-before research.
Monday February 13 11:00 AM TV-M9 Jeannette Jarvis, Director, Intel Security Threat Intelligence and Data Analytics Jujutsu Cybersecurity operations must be able to see what is happening globally in order to protect the organization locally. Concepts of the centuries-old Samurai martial art of Jujutsu can be applied to today’s cyberthreat world and assist in the orchestration of today’s security operations by utilizing threat intelligence and data analytics as tools in the battle against today’s adversaries.
Monday February 13 11:20 AM TV-M10 Jeremiah Grossman, Chief of Security Strategy, SentinelOne Data Plays the Victim: What Ransomware Has Taken from the Kidnapping and Ransom Industry Ransomware is center stage, as campaigns are practically guaranteed financial gain. Cybercriminals profit hundreds of millions of dollars by selling our data back to us. If you look closely, the ransomware economic dynamics closely follow the real-world kidnapping and ransom industry. This session will explore the eerie similarities, where ransomware is headed and strategies we can bring to the fight.
Monday February 13 1:00 PM TV-M11 Dr. Chenxi Wang, Chief Strategy Officer, Twistlock RSAC TV: Chenxi Wang Interview  
Monday February 13 2:00 PM TV-M14 Jessy Irwin, Vice President, Security + Privacy, Consultant RSAC TV: Jessy Irwin Interview  
Monday February 13 3:00 PM TV-M16

Annie Woods, Volunteer & Events Coordinator – Center for Cyber Safety and Education

Safe and Secure Online: Making It a Safe Cyber-World One Person at a Time Tired of trying to get your mom to stop opening attachments to her emails? Is your dad convinced that the bank lost his social security number and needs him to email it to them? Kids tired in the morning from being online late at night with a new “friend”? Let the Center for Cyber Safety and Education share with you some tips and methods to help you make your cyber-world a safer one.
Monday February 13 3:20 PM TV-M17 Michael Kaiser, Executive Director, National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) A New Approach for Cybersafety Rules and the “Tech Talk” with Kids A recent National Cyber Security Alliance survey indicates that parents and teens are talking about online safety but the conversations aren’t resonating. Teens report they are “very concerned” about someone accessing their accounts without permission (47%). This presents an opportunity to move beyond discussions of rules to real-life online experiences, building trust and teaching kids to think critically.
Monday February 13 3:40 PM TV-M18 Stephen Balkam, Founder and CEO, Family Online Safety Institute From Hello Barbie to Pokemon Go: The New World of Online Safety In a world of connected toys, virtual reality games and AI personal assistants in our homes, keeping our kids (and ourselves) safe, secure and private has become a much bigger challenge. Hello Barbie, Pokemon Go and Dino, the talking dinosaur connected to IBM’s Watson, are pushing the boundaries of trust and safety settings created to protect us and our kids.
Tuesday February 14 9:00 AM TV-T4 Verizon Dark Reading Interivew  
Tuesday February 14 9:20 AM TV-T5 Forcepoint Passcode Interivew  
Tuesday February 14 9:40 AM TV-T6 Invincea Passcode Interivew  
Tuesday February 14 10:20 AM TV-T7 Chris Wysopal, CTO and Co-founder, Veracode InfoSecurity Magazine Interivew  
Tuesday February 14 1:00 PM TV-T11 Oliver Friedrichs, CEO, Phantom RSAC TV: Oliver Friedrichs Interview Interview with 2016 Innovation Sandbox Winner, Phantom
Tuesday February 14 1:20 PM TV-T12 Dominic Vogel, Chief Security Strategist, Cyber.SC Saving Security: Real Change Starts with You, Me and Everyone If you are an established cybersecurity professional and someone (whether it be a recent grad, a foreigner, someone changing career fields) reaches out to you asking for help/advice, it is your duty to respond and help as best as you can. If you have the ability to help someone reach their goals why would you pass on that opportunity? It is a gift to be in a position to help someone!
Tuesday February 14 1:40 PM TV-T13 Pete Herzog, Managing Director, ISECOM All Children Left Behind In the race to bring technology to schools, they forgot the children. Kids aren't prepared for handling their own security, privacy or safety. They are given technology but not the means to understand the ramifications of it. This is what we need to do to fix it.
Tuesday February 14 2:00 PM TV-T14 Frank Kim, Chief Information Security Officer, SANS Institute Three Keys to CISO Success The increased importance of cybersecurity as a vital component of business growth requires security leaders to find ways to get to “yes” with the business. Attendees will hear from Frank Kim, seasoned security leader and CISO, as he shares three things that security leaders must do to lead successful change across the organization.
Tuesday February 14 2:40 PM TV-T15 Thomas Keenan, Professor, University of Calgary Security Implications of Non-Financial Uses of Blockchain Technology While cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are currently the main applications for blockchain technology, enthusiasts believe it can do much more, from keeping land title registries in Honduras to IoT apps like making your washer smarter. But can it do this securely, given cryptocurrency’s checkered track record? This session will look at where blockchain technology is going and points out pitfalls to avoid.
Tuesday February 14 3:00 PM TV-T16 Dr. Phyllis Schneck, Deputy Under Secretary for Cybersecurity and Communications, US Department of Homeland Security RSAC TV: Phyllis Schneck Interview  
Tuesday February 14 3:20 PM TV-T17 Dan Cornell, CTO, Denim Group Effective Application Security Testing for DevOps DevOps is changing the way organizations approach developing and deploying software, and it represents an opportunity for security to be a valuable resource in the process. Security teams need to understand how to best integrate application security testing. They must address the organizational and political concerns regarding what is acceptable, what is justifiable and what is reasonable to expect.
Tuesday February 14 3:40 PM TV-T18 Steve Winterfeld, Director of Cybersecurity, Nordstrom Who is Who During a Cyber Incident Response Investigation Understanding what the Cyber Incident Response (IR) team does and what they need from you will make any investigation less stressful and everyone more successful.  This RSAC TV session will cover what an end user should do if they suspect there is a compromise and what to expect from the IR team.  We will cover some basic steps and behaviors that will help prevent or minimize compromise while preventing evidence from being destroyed.
Wednesday February 14 8:00 AM TV-W1 IBM Security CBS Interactive Interivew  
Wednesday February 14 8:40 AM TV-W3 John Muir Health Dark Reading Interivew  
Wednesday February 14 9:00 AM TV-W4 Department of Homeland Security Science & Technology Directorate Dark Reading Interivew  
Wednesday February 14 10:20 AM TV-W7 Verizon CBS Interactive Interivew  
Wednesday February 14 11:00 AM TV-W9 Center for Cyber Safety and Education, (ISC)2 InfoSecurity Magazine Interivew  
Wednesday February 15 1:00 PM TV-W11 Theresa Payton, President/CEO, Fortalice Solutions How Hackers of Large Events Teach Us All a Lesson The media cycle makes big events bigger upping the bounty for avarice hackers. Whether it’s a political convention or the Super Bowl, stakes are high, missteps are reported relentlessly. Escalated security spending on events is a window into the soul of the industry-high costs and yet breaches happen. Cybersecurity is fundamentally broken for everyone and it’s highlighted during events.
Wednesday February 15 1:20 PM TV-W12 Emily Wilson, Director of Analysis, Terbium Labs The Reality of the Dark Web: Fake, Funny and Fraudulent Reports of the dark web regularly exclude the legal corners of the space, and even the criminal reports lack levity. The dark web is full of commerce and discussion, and like the best bad Yelp reviews, there are absurd listings, strange sales and outlandish inquiries available at every turn. This session will discuss what lives on the dark web, what doesn’t and what you’ve never heard of before.
Wednesday February 15 1:40 PM TV-W13 Kenneth Geers, Senior Research Scientist, Comodo Group Cyberwar in 2020 The use of computer network operations for geopolitical advantage is now commonplace. Recent international conflicts clearly demonstrate that digital attacks now affect every vertical in government and civil society, and that the rapid evolution of cyber-tactics makes it difficult for defenders to keep up. This talk describes what cyberwar will look like in the year 2020.
Wednesday February 15 2:00 PM TV-W14 Tyler Cohen Wood, Cyber Security Subject Matter Expert, 

Former Defense Intelligence Deputy Cyber Chief and Senior Intelligence Officer

Cyber-Apocalypse and the New Cyberwarfare We are at a critical point in cyberwarfare. In the past two years, we have seen a massive upswing in hackers breaking into the most highly secure corporations and stealing financial data, intellectual property, and very sensitive personal information—and it seems to be growing exponentially. This presentation will discuss the latest threat vectors and countermeasures to protect your assets.
Wednesday February 15 2:40 PM TV-W15 Charles Henderson, Global Head of X-Force Red, IBM Corporation IoT End of Days In the mad rush to sling electronics into the hands of consumers, developers and manufacturers are making it easier than ever to get enrolled into their IoT ecosystems. The time from sale to access is shorter than ever. The question is: Where do we go from there? This talk will analyze responsibly disclosed vulnerabilities in the next steps of identity management and access control in IoT.
Wednesday February 15 3:00 PM TV-W16 2017 Innovation Sandbox Winner RSAC TV: ISB Winner Interview  
Wednesday February 15 3:20 PM TV-W17

Ciera Lovitt, Education Program Specialist, Center for Cyber Safety and Education

National Children’s Internet Usage Study The Center for Cyber Safety and Education, in partnership with (ISC)2 and Booz Allen Hamilton, contracted Shugoll Research to conduct research with US children in fourth to eighth grades, and their parents, to better understand children’s Internet usage behavior and the extent to which they engage in age inappropriate, or even dangerous, behavior while using the Internet.
Wednesday February 15 3:40 PM TV-W18 J. Trevor Hughes, President & CEO, International Association of Privacy Professionals RSAC TV: Trevor Hughes Interview  
Thursday February 16 10:20 AM TV-R7 Niloofar Howe, Chief Strategy Officer, RSA RSAC TV: Niloofar Howe Interview  
Thursday February 16 10:40 AM TV-R8 Rodney J. Petersen, Director National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) RSAC TV: Rodney J. Petersen Interview  
Thursday February 16 11:00 AM TV-R9 Elaine Sedenberg, PhD Candidate, UC Berkeley RSAC TV: Elaine Sedenberg Interview  
Thursday February 16 11:20 AM TV-R10 2017 Security Scholar RSAC TV: Security Scholar Interview  
Thursday February 16 1:00 PM TV-R11 Rashmi Knowles, Chief Security Architect EMEA, RSA RSAC TV: Rashmi Knowles Interview  
Thursday February 16 01:20 PM TV-R12 Laura Koetzle, Vice President and Group Director, Forrester Research RSAC TV: Laura Koetzle Interview  
Thursday February 16 1:40 PM TV-R13 Paul Kocher, President and Chief Scientist, Rambus Cryptography Research RSAC TV: Paul Kocher Interview  
Thursday February 16 2:00 PM TV-R14 Katie Moussouris, Founder & CEO, Luta Security, Inc. RSAC TV: Katie Moussouris Interview  
Thursday February 16 2:40 PM TV-R15 Josh Corman, Co-Founder and Director, Cyber Statecraft at Atlantic Council, I am The Cavalry (dot org) RSAC TV: Josh Corman Interview  
Thursday February 16 3:00 PM TV-R16 Shannon Lietz, Director, DevSecOps, Intuit RSAC TV: Shannon Lietz Interview  
Thursday February 16 3:40 PM TV-R18 Uri Rivner, Head of Cyber Strategy, BioCatch RSAC TV: Uri Rivner Interview  

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