Tony Cox

Director Business Development, Strategy and Alliances, Cryptsoft

Tony Cox is the Business Development, Strategy and Alliances Director at Cryptsoft with over a decade's experience in both the security and identity management fields. He has worked with both state and federal government departments on integration of security technology and public key infrastructure. Cox is Co-Chair of the OASIS KMIP Technical Comittee and an active participant in the PKCS11 Technical Committees as well as Chair of the SNIA Storage Security Industry Forum. He is also the Chair of the OASIS KMIP Interoperability Subcommittee, Interop Lead for the OASIS KMIP and PKCS11 RSA Conference showcase and has collated and presented results for multiple OASIS interoperabilty demonstrations as well as speaking on standards-based encryption key management at various industry events.

Tony’s sessions at USA 2016

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