Submission Examples

All of the below submissions have different elements that stood out to our Program Committee judges.

In particular, note the attention paid to the “session detail” portion, which provides depth, validity, expertise and specifics that help the judges to uniquely understand the perspective of what the particular speaker has to offer and why they stand out from other similar submissions that may have been made.

You’ll notice all of these submissions are focused on teaching—not just awareness for the sake of being aware—and each is different. None are a pitch for a particular product or service, and each of the speakers have strong domain expertise—as illustrated in their bio—to support their case to present on this topic (the biographies and vantage point of the proposed speakers is hugely important in the evaluation process).

But these aren’t just good submissions—they were solid from the beginning all the way through to the end. All of these presenters were rated in the top 25 of all presenters at RSA Conference in 2015. Their submissions stood out to our Program Committee, they responded to Program Committee feedback and made updates accordingly within their decks, in many cases they took advantage of the speaker training and rehearsal options that RSA Conference offered and they delivered. We recommend reviewing their submissions, slides and actual recordings where available. Two of four of the below presenters were also first time RSA Conference speakers in 2015.

Dr. Avril Salter
Dr. Avril Salter presented on the Technology Infrastructure & Operations track. She also delivered a short form version of her presentation via a “QuickLooks” preview that was available before RSA Conference. Both her slides and the QuickLooks (so you can hear her summary session preview) are available here.

What stands out:

  • Session detail!—questions people should ask and the lessons they will learn

  • Technical depth of presenter (which was backed up in the bio details and other assets linked to for Program Committee review)

  • Specifics of what would be covered—not just generalizations, but bullets that help the Committee understand flow, prioritization, and detail and how what will be presented can be applied

View Dr. Salter's session submission.

Christopher Romeo
Christopher Romeo presented on the Human Element track.
His presentation and bio is available here.

What stands out:

  • Videos/examples to share—specifics on how they will be used, what they will illustrate, etc. Gets away from long series of bullets—presents good variety.

  • Real life case study—specifics on process followed, how received, and impact achieved

  • “Top 10 secrets of success”—again, specifics that an organization can take and apply what is being presented with a gauge of what to expect

View Christopher Romeo's session submission.

Marcus Murray
Marcus Murray presented in the Hackers & Threats track.
He also delivered a short form version of his presentation via a “QuickLooks” preview that was available before RSA Conference. Both his slides and the QuickLooks (so you can hear his summary session preview) are available here.

What stands out:

  • Live hack—reviewers like to see this opportunity for interactivity and “unscripted engagement”—so much better than slides with a series of bullets! (NOTE: brand new research is well received for this same reason)

  • The key learnings at the end—the judges want to see this isn’t a hack just for the sake of hacking, but rather a session that will teach and that attendees can respond to

  • Session detail is exactly that—an expansion of the specifics vs a cut and paste of the short abstract

  • This submission was very intriguing to the Program Committee from the beginning—the element of surprise (in this case that a JPEG could do such extensive damage) jumped out and made them want to learn more

View Marcus Murray's session submission.

Theresa Payton
Theresa Payton presented on the RSAC TV studio track, so her slides are available for download (note how few bullets are in the deck!) and you can see her actual recorded presentation as well.

What stands out:

  • Depth of expertise based on background of speaker

  • Specific questions that will be answered and the actionability of what would be presented

  • As a RSAC-TV session, applicability of this topic broadly to audiences within and outside of RSA Conference attendees

View Theresa Payton's session submission.


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