Mark Manglicmot

Senior Manager, Ernst & Young

Mark Manglicmot is an Information Security Consultant with experience concentrated in APT incident response, adversary hunting tactics, security operation center (SOC) formation and enterprise security posturing. Manglicmot was an Officer in the United States Air Force for six years where he was certified as a “Combat Mission Ready” Crew Commander to direct real-time cyber-response actions across the Department of Defense. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M University and a master’s from the University of Denver in computer information security. Manglicmot served as a Guest Lecturer on “Cyber Defense Tactics & Case Studies” at the Air Force’s Intermediate Network Warfare Training and Co-Authored Responding to Targeted Cyber Attacks which was published by ISACA in 2013.

Mark’s sessions at USA 2016

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