Jennifer Behrens

Chief Privacy Officer, Verato, Verato

Jenn Behrens specializes in privacy, governance and identity management solutions. She is Chief Privacy Officer of Verato, and is Founder and Principal of PrivacyIM. Behrens focuses on supporting initiatives and organizations in their transition from a state of compliance to a commitment to privacy excellence in identity management. She leads privacy compliance for multiple NSTIC pilots, is the IDESG Privacy Committee Chair, is an IAPP Women Leading Privacy Advisory Board Member and was the Commonwealth of Virginia’s “Data Maven” due to her expertise in information management for departments of social services. Behrens received her B.A. from UVA, MSW from VCU, and Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration from VCU. Behrens holds CIPP/US, CIPM and CHPSE credentials.

Jennifer’s sessions at USA 2016

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