Don Davidson

Deputy Director, Cybersecurity Implementation & Acquisition Integration, and Chief Cybersecurity Lifecycle Risk Management Division, Office of the Deputy DoD-CIO for Cybersecurity

Don Davidson is Deputy Director, Cybersecurity (CS) Lifecycle Risk Management and CS/Acquisition Integration in the Office of the Deputy DoD Chief Information Officer for Cybersecurity. He has 41 years of federal service, to include 11 years active duty military, with a B.S. degree in engineering from USMA at West Point and an M.S. degree in national security strategy (and information resource management) from the National War College at National Defense University. He leads Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) efforts in international, public/private, interagency and DoD: SCRM Ad-Hoc WG under ANSI / INCITS, informing ISO standards; DHS Software and Supply Chain Assurance (SSCA) Program; CNSS-SCRM WG, on CNSS Dir 505; and DoD Trusted Systems and Networks (TSN) Round Table, on DoDI 5200.44.

Don’s sessions at USA 2016

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