Clifford Maraschino

Information Security Manager, eHarmony, Inc.

Cliff Maraschino is the Manager of Security and Compliance for eHarmony, Inc., an extremely popular online dating site with over 44 million registered users. He is also an advisor to an insurance company focused on the unique needs of a connected generation. Prior to starting at eHarmony, he worked for a CDN that was acquired by Verizon. Under his leadership, his security operations teams have grown from the ground floor up, and he has created repeatable processes to ensure secure and predictable results. He received an M.S./MBA from Cal Poly Pomona, emphasizing information security audit, has published guidelines for government agencies, and regularly provides consulting and advice for other security professionals seeking to enhance their careers. He is a member of ISACA and (ISC)².

Clifford’s sessions at USA 2016

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