Christiaan Beek

Lead Scientist & Principal Engineer, McAfee

Christiaan Beek, lead scientist & principal engineer is part of Mcafee’s Office of the CTO leading strategic threat intelligence research within Mcafee. He coordinates and leads passionately the research in advanced attacks, plays a key-role in cyberattack take-down operations and participates in the NoMoreRansom project. In previous roles, Beek was Director of Threat Intelligence in McAfee Labs and Director of Incident Response and Forensics at Foundstone, McAfee’s forensic services arm. At Foundstone, he led a team of forensic specialists in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Beek develops threat intelligence strategy, designs threat intelligence systems, performs malware and forensic analysis, pentesting and coaches security teams around the globe. He is a passionate cybercrime specialist who holds patents, has developed training courses, workshops, and presentations. He speaks regularly at conferences, including BlackHat, RSA Conference, BlueHat and Botconf. Beek contributed to the best-selling security book & " Hacking Exposed. "

Christiaan’s sessions at USA 2016

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