Brian O'Hara

Virtual Information Security Officer, Do It Best Corp. (Wisegate member)

Brian T. O’Hara has been involved in the field of information security for over 20 years. As a private consultant, he now serves as the Virtual Information Security Officer (VISO) for Do it Best Corp. He previously served as the CISO for an IT security consulting company specializing in auditing and information security. As VISO, his responsibilities involve overseeing and managing security-related functions, including audit and regulatory compliance reviews. He is an active member of several professional associations (Wisegate, ISO, IEEE, ISACA, (ISC)2, OWASP, Infragard and ISOC) and a Charter and Board of Directors Member of the Northeast Indiana Chapter of ISSA. He currently serves as the President of both the Indiana Members Alliance of Infragard and the Indiana Chapter of ISACA.

Brian’s sessions at USA 2016

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