Avik Chakraborti

Senior Research Fellow (PhD Student), Indian Statistical Institute

Avik Chakraborti is a Senior Research Fellow and Ph.D. Student under the guidance of Dr. Mridul Nandi at Indian Statistical Institute in Kolkata, India. He has his B.Tech and M.Tech in computer science from WBUT and Indian Statistical Institute respectively. His research interest is design and analysis of symmetric key cryptographic primitives. In a joint work with Dr. Nandi, he designed a TriviA authenticated encryption scheme and submitted the scheme to the CAESAR competition, which has also been selected at CHES 2015. He has also worked on interesting symmetric key problems like cryptanalysis of pi-cipher selected at FSE 2016, fault analysis on Minalpher, CLOC, SILC and hardware implementation of TriviA, and two hardware efficient universal hash.

Avik’s sessions at USA 2016

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