Ariel Tseitlin

Partner, Scale Venture Partners

Ariel Tseitlin is a Partner at Scale Venture Partners focused on investments in the cloud and security industries. He currently sits on the Board of Directors at Agari and CloudHealth Technologies. Previously, Tseitlin was Director of Cloud Solutions at Netflix where he was responsible for creating and operating one of the most modern cloud infrastructures in the industry, accounting for a full third of all U.S. downstream Internet traffic at peak. Tseitlin’s team built many of the Netflix OSS components like Asgard and the Simian Army, including the Chaos Monkey, making the Netflix streaming service more resilient, reliable and manageable. Prior to Netflix, Tseitlin was VP of Technology and Products at Sungevity and before that was the Founder and CEO of CTOWorks.

Ariel’s sessions at USA 2016

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