Andre McGregor

Director of Security, Tanium

Andre McGregor is Director of Security at Tanium focused on cybersecurity. He possesses deep knowledge of criminal and counterintelligence cyber-techniques used to attack U.S. computer networks and infrastructure.

Prior to Tanium, Andre served as an FBI Cyber Special Agent in New York City, later promoted to Supervisory Special Agent at FBI Headquarters. At the FBI, McGregor was the senior technical agent and the lead incident responder for several large-scale computer intrusions. Additionally, he served as both the FBI Cyber Liaison to the United Nations and FBI Cyber Liaison to DHS US-CERT and ICS-CERT.

Before the FBI, McGregor went to Brown University, started his career at Goldman Sachs and then later as IT Director at Advogent (Cardinal Health) over all IT operations nationwide.

In his free time, Andre is also the FBI and technical consultant for Mr. Robot.

Andre’s sessions at USA 2016

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