ZoneFox is an award-winning Endpoint Monitoring & Insider Threat Detection solution that can help you boost your security strategy with a robust, reliable suite of analytics capabilities. Quick, easy insight into potentially harmful activities across your endpoints and a good nights’ sleep knowing that you’re compliant, protected and putting resources where needed.

New Product

ZoneFox ILAB

Do you know when your star employee is about to leave? How about if Bob is pretending to be Alice? Only ZoneFox ILAB can provide you with these. Automatically detect and be alerted when a user's behavior changes. Identify users who are potentially planning to leave. Rapidly detect compromised user accounts being used to harvest your valuable intellectual property and confidential data. Alerts Without Rules© - let ZoneFox ILAB be your most diligent security analyst. On Mac, PC, Servers, and easily deployed Globally.

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