We understand the best defense is a good offense and why NetLib has been driving data security for over 20 years. NetLib’s powerful data security platform simplifies the process while helping companies protect, manage and defend against the #1 business issue in the world today.

New Product

NetLib Enterprise Manager

NetLib, a pioneer in data security, announced the release of its new global data security

management platform: Enterprise Manager. An innovative security solution for the company’s

flagship data security platform, Encryptionizer, Enterprise Manager enables organizations of all

sizes to manage their encryption needs across the enterprise – no matter where they reside

geographically as well as on physical, virtual or cloud environments. The administrator will be

able to easily control key management to meet the new PCI compliance standards.

As a pioneer in data security, NetLib has spent the past 20+ years developing a powerful,

patented solution that starts by setting up a formidable offense that can be managed from

anywhere in the world, across every environment where your data resides: physical, virtual and

cloud. NetLib’s data security platform is geared to simplify the process while ensuring

unprecedented levels of security are in place.

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