Prevoty secures the heart of enterprise business by monitoring and protecting their applications. Using LANGSEC to analyze attacks from inside production applications, Prevoty provides real-time application security intelligence and RASP (Runtime Application Self-Protection). These capabilities improve vulnerability remediation, helping security and development work together more effectively.

New Product

Prevoty Application Security Monitoring & Protection for AWS Marketplace

Prevoty Application Monitoring and Protection (AMP) is now available in Amazon Web Services Marketplace (AWS Marketplace), enhancing cloud security and enabling compliance for enterprises moving workloads to the AWS Cloud. Prevoty AMP gives enterprises added visibility into attacks on their production applications and enables applications to automatically protect themselves. By automatically neutralizing vulnerabilities in real time, Prevoty AMP gives AWS users increased security for their cloud-based applications. With Prevoty AMP, AWS users can now search, analyze and visualize an added layer of application data with the context of all other security-relevant data to help detect, respond to, and prevent attacks.

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