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Prosoft Systems Intl. provides a comprehensive Incident Response Case and Workflow Management Application. With years of experience implementing response management applications, our focus is to enable your incident response team to resolve escalated cases faster by facilitating standard response procedures, coordinating course of actions, and information sharing.

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Coordinat-iR is an Incident Response Case Management Software designed to enable your IR team to resolve escalated cases faster. With Coordinat-iR your standard procedures will be implemented. Activities based upon your procedures are automatically generated and routed dynamically to appropriate personnel. Course of actions can then be determined and implemented. IOC, artifact, and asset information can be cross referenced to determine the complexity of the incident. Lessons learned meetings can be tracked to show progress in maturing your processes. Real-time dashboards reflect the status and activities of your cases.

Using Coordinat-iR to coordinate tasks, follow standard procedures, and share IOC information will enable your IR team to resolve cases faster.

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