Appthority is the leader in mobile app security for the enterprise. We eliminate blind spots with the industry’s most advanced app risk behavioral engine, continuous/dynamic monitoring of employee apps and custom security policy/enforcement rules. Continuous app risk intelligence gives you better data security, visibility, control, and compliance. In other words: a mobile ecosystem you can trust.

New Product

Appthority iOS & Android Apps

Appthority now offers powerful iOS and Android apps to enhance proactive management of mobile app risk through employee education and real-time device protection.

The apps scan employees’ mobile apps for compliance with IT whitelists and approved behaviors. Employees are guided to remove non-compliant apps and can choose from a list of compliant apps by app store category. A search feature lets users see if an app they’d like to install is compliant before installing it. Educating employees and arming them with proactive tools significantly reduces enterprise mobile app risk.

Appthority’s new mobile apps also immediately detect when a malicious app is installed intentionally through a wrapped 3rd party app store app or unintentionally through a social offer via an ad network, even if it is not known malware or not installed from unofficial Apple and Google app stores. Both IT and the employee are notified immediately with remediation options and instructions.

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