2015 saw more software updates and vulnerabilities resolved than ever before. Stop by the Shavlik booth (#2540) to find solutions to enhance Microsoft System Center with 3rd Party software updates, provide robust datacenter patching capabilities, or to enable patching Windows and Mac systems on premise or from the cloud. Start reducing your companies attack surface in 30 minutes.

New Product

Shavlik Empower

Shavlik Empower enables comprehensive patch management for Mac OS systems, as well as detailed intelligence about your network assets. Available as a stand-alone solution or integrated with Shavlik Protect, Shavlik Empower uses cloud-based “sentinels” to scan for users and physical and virtual devices in your network. Empower sentinels can also leverage Active Directory to extract and map significant intelligence about those assets. Shavlik Empower also includes a browser-based interface, enabling administrators to view and manage the information collected by Empower sentinels and agents from almost any Web-connected device.

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