Vysk Communications

Vysk brings true privacy to businesses, governments, and consumers around the world. From the revolutionary Vysk QS1 Privacy Case (for iPhone/ and soon to be Samsung Galaxy line) featuring patented microphone jamming and external encryption, to a suite of encrypted apps that protect users’ photos,videos and text messages. These unparalleled offerings allow users to Experience Privacy.

New Product

QS1 Privacy Case

The QS1 Privacy Case is the easy-to-use, non-intrusive, and intuitive security solution that solves the problem of eavesdropping and hacking by creating a secure environment within the case that is separate and apart from the phone’s vulnerable operating system. This includes both an external processor to encrypt calls, texts, and images; a camera shutter; a microphone jammer to disrupt the device’s internal microphones; and independent microphone that allow users to encrypt their calls before they enter the device. The QS1 preserves the functionality of the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy without compromising usability.

This fusion of independent hardware components with off-the-shelf devices sets Vysk apart from its competition, which relies entirely on software solutions. Vysk’s combines the most trusted cryptography with the protections and anonymity of the Vysk Privacy Network, which protects users by not creating, collecting or storing valuable, identifying metadata.

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