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Comodo ( is a global innovator and developer of cybersecurity solutions, founded on the belief that every single digital transaction requires a layer of trust and security. Through Comodo’s digital certificate leadership, IT management solutions and advanced endpoint security technology, enterprises rely on Comodo to authenticate, validate and secure their IT environments.

New Product

Comodo ONE

Comodo is a global developer of cybersecurity solutions. Today, Comodo announces the availability of Comodo ONE for enterprise and MSPs. Comodo ONE solves the malware problem and delivers Security and IT Management in a single administrative platform.
Core default deny architecture provides total protection from malware by running unknown files in secure containment until they are converted to either Known Good or Known Bad. Because this containment technology is extremely lightweight, it is application agnostic and has no hardware dependencies.
Comodo ONE Client delivers this technology for endpoints, and Comodo ONE Dome protects networks using client-less, patent-pending containment.
Comodo ONE protects the endpoint and the network, with robust functionality that is easily managed using Comodo ONE Security & IT Manager (ITSM). Comodo ONE ITSM offers a comprehensive set of critical management capabilities in one cloud-delivered interface.
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