Whitewood addresses random number generation across the datacenter, remote devices and distributed applications. Whitewood utilizes a quantum source developed at Los Alamos National Laboratory to generate pure entropy and true random numbers at speeds up to 200MBit/s.. The Whitewood solution is a simple upgrade to existing systems and requires no changes to applications.

New Product

Whitewood Entropy Server

Whitewood Entropy Server provides the capability to deliver truly random numbers to networked applications and devices. By centralizing random number generation, all applications are assured a consistent and high-quality supply of entropy – an essential aspect of all cryptographic operations. Random number generation need no longer be a localized issue, dependent on individual combinations of hardware, OS and physical environment. For the first time, entropy generation can be truly independent and universally-available across cloud, datacenter, mobile and IoT environments. The Entropy Server incorporates the Whitewood Entropy Engine, a quantum-powered random number generator, and is the perfect complement encryption and key management initiatives, helping enterprises, service providers and security vendors eradicate the risk of poor random number generation weakening critical security infrastructure and applications.

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